Whether it is the strength and heaviness of the antique bar, the wafting scents from the crackling wood-burning pizza oven, or the 100 year old depth of history this structure possesses, the sights and smells you experience at Rustico will take you back.  D,ine on one of our delectable free-range veal, lamb, or chicken dishes.   The handmade sausage is sure to make any course memorable whether it is dipped in marinara and surrounded by pasta or resting atop fresh mozzarella and hand-tossed pizza crust.   Sit beside the fireplace as playful shadows are cast upon the surrounding stone walls or relax on our gorgeous, open-air patio where the striking vistas bear a remarkable resemblance to the Alps of northern Italy.  Regardless, rely upon Rustico’s hospitality to provide you with a beautiful private party, family dinner, or romantic evening.